Casey Affleck Discusses Tougher Than a Tank Documentary

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive clip from Pixela Pictura Films’ feature-length documentary Tougher Than a Tank, plus a video featuring producer Casey Affleck. The film is also produced by Nick Palmisciano, Jon Mercer, and Tim O’Donnell. Tougher Than a Tank is now available on digital and cable VOD

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Tougher Than A Tank is a story about the reconnection and recovery of two veterans reintegration to civilian life in a post 9/11 America while rendered with extreme physical and emotional challenges. This story is a veteran-driven narrative targeting the challenges veterans currently face. Throughout the film, we examine the differences when managing physical and mental/emotional injury and the challenge that healthcare accessibility poses to many communities.

Check out a behind-the-scenes exclusive video featuring executive producer Affleck below, along with a clip from the documentary:

“I’ve been involved in the veteran community for a few years,” explained Affleck. “What most people see, the stories that they hear, are from movies and those are one extreme or another. The veteran that’s an omega hero that is unaffected by the world around her or him or the veteran that is broken and buried in a bottle of whiskey. The truth is that veteran stories are human stories that are just as varied as all human stories and I’d like to see more of that on-screen.”

Noah Cass and Eddie Ryan are both Marines who sustained injuries while deployed in Iraq. While Noah’s injuries are mostly invisible, Eddie was hit by two 7.62mm rounds in the head rending him immobile and with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. In an attempt to relieve financial burdens and raise money for Eddie’s recovery, Noah embarks on a 145 mile run from his hometown in Somers, CT to Eddie’s in Lake George, NY. In turning to his all civilian training partners to assist with the run, Noah’s journey exemplifies the need for community and reveals the emotional, physical, and financial struggles many veterans face today.

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Directed by O’Donnell and Mercer, the documentary is available now on Digital and cable VOD from Gravitas Ventures.

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