Dying Light 2 Delayed Into Next Year

Video game release dates are hardly ever set in stone as shown by Dying Light 2. The parkour-based zombie open-world title has been pushed a couple of times before getting pinned to December 7, 2021. However, the new Dying Light 2 release date is now just a few months later: February 4, 2022, a month already packed with Saints Row, Horizon Forbidden West, Evil Dead: The Game, Sifu, and more.

Techland announced the push on the game’s official Twitter page. The team stated that Dying Light 2 was coming toward the finish line, but it needed a few more months to properly hit the level of polish it deserves. After all, it is Techland’s biggest game — the city is four times larger than the one seen in the first game and evolves with the player’s choices — and the developer said it didn’t want to compromise the title.

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Even though there won’t be a public beta, hungry fans won’t be left out in the cold for too long. Techland will be sharing “exciting news” about the game later this month at an undisclosed date. Content creators and the press will also get some hands-on time with the title in October. Techland went on to thank its fans multiple times for their patience and once again stated that it wanted to “deliver the best game” for everyone.

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