Fruits Basket The Final Anime to Air from April 5! | Anime News

Fruits Basket The Final, the final season of the Fruits Basket reboot anime, is slated to air from April 5!

The new key visual features protagonist Tohru along with other central characters.

Japanese-Chinese group WARPs UP will perform the series’ opening theme song, “Pleasure,” while dance and vocal group GENIC will perform the ending theme song, “Haru Urarara.”

Inspired by Natsuki Takaya’s classic shojo manga, Fruits Basket follows high school girl Tohru Honda, who moves in with a classmate after her mother is killed in a car accident – only to discover that his family is the subject of a curse where they are each possessed by spirits of the Chinese zodiac.

Fruits Basket The Final will air from April 5 in Japan.

©Natsuki Takaya, Hakusensha / Fruits Basket Production Committee

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