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Streetwear and moe may not seem like an obvious match at first, but a striking young artist named Jun Inagawa is making waves by combining his unapologetically otaku aesthetic with street culture.

He’s also no stranger to the world of streetwear, having collaborated with iconic brands like Diesel and Supreme. Now, he’s produced his own line of glasses, soon to be up for grabs outside Japan exclusively at the TOM Shop!

Available in red, black, and blue, each pair of frames is imbued with Inagawa’s unique aesthetic. The design was originally created as part of an illustration, but came to life with the help of Maruman Optical, a Japanese manufacturer who pioneered the creation of pure titanium frames.

Due to being made completely from pure titanium, the frames are exceptionally durable, despite weighing in at just 13 grams. On closer inspection, its clean design will reveal meticulously crafted details, such as Inagawa’s signature “A” on one of the temples.

Each pair will come with a glasses case, as well as a cleaning cloth and storage box featuring special illustrations from Inagawa.

To celebrate the glasses’ overseas launch, the TOM Shop will be running a Twitter giveaway with an exclusive T-shirt up for grabs! Designed as a reward for backers of Inagawa’s original crowdfunding project, it is not for sale anywhere in Japan or overseas. After the giveaway goes live tomorrow (April 16) at our Twitter account, simply retweet and follow us to put yourself in the running!

Preorders are available outside of Japan only at the TOM Shop from 12:00 pm, April 15 until 12:00 pm, May 15 (JST). Find out more and get your order in right here!

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