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World-renowned composer and synthesizer pioneer Isao Tomita’s “Symphony Ihatov” will be released in vinyl format with new artwork of Vocaloid icon Hatsune Miku, who was featured as a soloist!

The vinyl release’s artwork was specially created by popular illustrator Rella. In addition to the cover art, five additional visuals inspired by Miku’s symphony movements and encore song “Ribon no Kishi” (the opening theme song to Osamu Tezuka’s popular anime Princess Knight, scored by Tomita) will be included. These illustrations are also featured on acrylic keychains that are to be sold separately.

Regarded as Tomita’s magnum opus, “Symphony Ihatov” is inspired by the works of beloved Japanese author Kenji Miyazawa. It was first performed in 2012, bringing together Miku, the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, and an accompanying choir in a never-before-seen collaboration. Five years after his death, the symphony will be released as a vinyl record with a regular edition and luxury edition.

Set for release on March 31, 2021, the vinyl version includes an LP containing “Symphony Ihatov” and an EP featuring the encore performance of “Ribon no Kishi.” It will also contain a SONOCA card, developed by Crypton Future Media for music downloads.

The luxury version boasts a case showcasing high-quality 3D embroidery art of Miku. It is currently limited to a run of 390 sets via the Columbia Music Shop website.

Overseas fans can also enjoy the vinyl release by visiting the TOM Shop to preorder the regular edition and acrylic keychains featuring Rella’s illustrations. For more information, visit the TOM Shop.

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