Jason Blum Discusses The Forever Purge, Why It’s His Favorite

Jason Blum interview

The Forever Purge is now in theaters and sees a group of anarchists that “decide to overtake America through an unending campaign of mayhem and massacre.” The film stars Ana de la Reguera in the lead role and was directed by Everardo Gout from a script by James DeMonaco.

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ComingSoon’s Alyse Wax spoke with The Forever Purge producer Jason Blum about the film’s themes, why it’s his favorite in the series, and why he’s so excited about Halloween Kills. Check out the video below or read the full transcript.

Alyse Wax: How did we get to The Forever Purge? Can you tell me a little bit about how the idea came up?

Jason Blum: James DeMonaco, who wrote all these movies, and directed the first three, it was his idea to do a Purge with no rules. A Purge with what happens when all the rules go out the window. So anarchy reigns forever. I thought it was a great idea. I thought it was a new take on the franchise. I loved it. I encouraged him to do it. I think it’s my favorite of all The Purge movies. I just love that notion of you let anarchy in a little bit and it takes over.

Is there anywhere to go after this, now that we’ve got The Forever Purge, can we go back?

Well, I think there are lots of places to go. James says it’s the last movie, but I’m not giving up yet, so hopefully, I’ll get a few more movies out of him. I wouldn’t want to make a purchase order without James, but I’m not ready to let him quit quite yet.

The Purge movies have gotten progressively more intense and more insane. Is that because of the way that film franchises work, they get bigger the longer they go, or do you think it has to do with the discourse in this country?

I think both. I think the discourse has unfortunately inspired James to go bigger. I also think the audience expects every movie to be better than the last one. So both of those things are at work.

All of The Purge movies have political socioeconomic overtones, but this one seems especially intense. Can you talk a little bit about what inspired that?

Yeah. I mean, I think James really felt the wall was a horrible idea and this was a movie about that. There’s two sides to a wall, so, so I think that’s what inspired the movie.

You’ve got a ton of films coming up. What are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to Halloween, which has been a year delayed and I think the movie is amazing. I love it. The fans are going crazy to see it. I can’t wait for them finally to have the chance to see it. I think it’s going to be such a big deal in the fall. I love the movie. So that’s probably what I’m most looking forward to in terms of our movies is finally getting Halloween out there. Shortly thereafter, we have a new Scott Derrickson movie called The Black Phone, which I just saw a week ago, which is also terrific, very different, very original. So those are our two next theatrical movies, which I’m excited for audiences to get a chance to see.

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