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Pose TV show on FX: canceled or renewed for another season?

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Network: FX.
Episodes: 36 (hour).
Seasons: Three.

TV show dates: June 3, 2018 — June 6, 2021.
Series status:  Ended.

Performers include: Evan Peters, Kate Mara, James Van Der Beek, MJ Rodriguez, Dominique Jackson, Indya Moore, Hailie Sahar, Angelica Ross, Billy Porter, Charlayne Woodard, Ryan Jamaal Swain, Angel Bismark Curiel, and Dyllón Burnside.

TV show description:
From co-creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals, the Pose TV show is a musical dance drama. It features the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles, as well as the largest recurring cast of LGBTQ actors in a scripted drama. It revolves around several segments of society in New York City in the 1980s — ball subculture, Trump-era excess, and the downtown social and literary scenes, as it explores people on various walks of life.

A hard-working family man, Stan Bowes (Peters) has been a good provider for his wife, Patty (Mara), and their two young children. It is through a professional opportunity that Stan first finds himself adrift in a whole, new, superficial world. Longing for authenticity, he soon begins a relationship with Angel (Moore).

Angel is a pretty Puerto Rican prostitute with a big heart and big dreams. She didn’t intend to fall in love with a customer, then Stan came along.

For her part, Patty has always devoted herself to family and friends alike and values nothing more than protecting those she loves. After Stan takes a new job, she feels the distance between them and worries that he is having an affair.

Stan works with the salacious Matt Bromley (Van Der Beek), who never shies from overindulgence. Once Matt finds out Stan is having an affair with Angel, he puts the moves on Patty.

Then there is Blanca Rodriguez (Rodriguez). After receiving a difficult diagnosis, she decides to leave the “house” run by Elektra Abundance (Jackson), and form a house of her own — a place for chosen “family” to support and protect young people who have been rejected by their families. It is not long before Blanca finds herself battling Elektra in the ballroom.

Elektra is the current queen of the ballroom scene. Although she is a seemingly self-confident house mother, she longs to have sex-reassignment surgery, but fears how it will affect her relationships.

Blanca isn’t the only person who wasn’t satisfied in the house. Elektra’s lieutenant, Lulu Abundance (Sahar), is also looking for her own chance to shine. Lulu is much more reserved than the brash Candy Abundance (Ross), who is better at masking her insecurities than shedding them.

Meanwhile, Pray Tell (Porter) is the honorary grandfather to all of the children who compete in house balls. This skilled fashion designer, who wants his own clothing line and boutique, supports Blanca as she establishes her house.

Blanca recruits Damon (Swain) for her house. This aspiring dancer was kicked out of his family’s Allentown, PA home because he’s gay. Now he’s trying to make it as a dancer, but his path is riddled with obstacles.

Damon catches the eye of Helena St. Rogers (Woodard), an acclaimed dance teacher who knows talent when she sees it. Damon also meets Ricky (Burnside), a street kid who has done whatever he had to do to survive.

Providing comic relief is Lil Pap (Curiel). Although this orphan has had a hard life, he’s always ready to bring on the laughter. He is not, however, inclined to be careful.

These house members compete in the balls — to be judged on their outfits, attitude, and dance skills. From ball subculture to Trump-era excess, and the downtown social and literary scenes, the series explores people on various walks of life, in 1980s New York City.

Series Finale:
Episode #36 — Series Finale (Part II)
When Blanca discovers an HIV clinical trial is denying access to people of color she joins ACT UP in an effort to get Pray Tell the medication.
First aired: June 6, 2021.

What do you think? Do you like the Pose TV series? Should this FX TV show have been renewed for a fourth season?

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